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A Mission for Helping Kids, Families, Professionals, and Educators

In my  training programs, I facilitate an understanding of how children and teens develop and the social, emotional, and/or behavioural difficulties that affect their lives at home, at school, and within their relationships with parents, siblings, teachers and peers. I help professionals, educators, and parents refine and master their skills to effectively support children and youth’s success and resilience.

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Deep Dive into Practice: Helping Children and Teens Master Anxiety

This 8 module online course will help you finally understand the nature of anxiety, it’s root causes and the traps adults fall into that can exacerbate it. With an easy-to-understand approach, you will learn effective interventions that are not commonly known or practiced. Build your confidence in recognizing how to support children, so they can successfully manage their anxiety to promote their overall courage, confidence, and resilience.


ADHD Master Class

This 12-module online course will help you finally understand ADHD in clear, simple, and honest terms! With an in-depth look into the nature of ADHD, you will receive specific, detailed, and hands-on strategies to help children manage emotional and behavioural difficulties so they can build their learning capacity, confidence, and resilience.

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About Dr. Caroline Buzanko

Psychologist. Mother. Actress. Public Speaker. ADHD Superhero (which is why I can’t describe myself in one word). Changer of Lives.

I work with kids, teens, and their families to help them build better lives by maximizing confidence and forging their resilience. I also work with professionals and educators looking for training and approaches to work effectively with their clients and students.

Dr Caroline Buzanko