Deep Dive into Practice: Helping Children and Teens Master Anxiety

Deep Dive into Practice: Helping Children and Teens Master Anxiety

Are You Feeling:

  • Uncertain as to how to help your child or student?
  •  Confused trying to manage the fear, worry, irritability and/or anger your child or student is exhibiting?
  •  Concerned when it comes to your child’s reluctance to be away from you and worrying that they are missing out on social, athletic, or recreational experiences because of their avoidance and dependence?
  •  Helpless regarding the pressures facing teens and what happens when the demands placed on them outweigh their capacity to cope?
  •  Exhausted from helping your child manage their ongoing physical symptoms of headaches, stomach aches, shortness of breath, shaking, and trouble sleeping?
  •  Discouraged with your child or students’ performance in school?
  •  Overwhelmed from implementing new strategies and uncertain about what will produce the results you want at home, school, and in social situations?
  •  Frustrated trying to maintain all the strategies that you’ve been told to implement?


This online course will help you finally understand the nature of anxiety, it’s root causes and the traps adults fall into that can exacerbate it. With an easy-to-understand approach, you will learn effective interventions that are not commonly known or practiced. Build your confidence in recognizing how to support children, so they can successfully manage their anxiety to promote their overall courage, confidence, and resilience. 


  • 8 key sections of the Anxiety Compass will be covered (Understand, Connect, Inspire, Externalize and Expose, Accept and Unwind, Detach and Enhance, Dare and Defy, Thrive) in a total of 8 modules, packed with individual lessons you can complete at your own pace.
  • Videos and downloadable worksheets are provided that support each lesson within the modules.
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